Signing the MoU between Nexleaf and SG Foundation

After a series of discussions and amendments, MoU was finally signed between Nexleaf and SG Foundation on 27 September, 2016. Both the parties mutually agreed upon the responsibilities mentioned in the MoU and working together for successful implementation of the project.

RUWES visit

RUWES women from Nigeria visited the SG Foundation this October, 2016 to understand the ongoing climate credit project. They intended to replicate the project in their country. Their queries regarding the model were answered along with a field visit and a meeting with District Rural Development Authority (DRDA) Project Director in Keonjhar.

Visit of District Rural Development Authority (DRDA) Chairperson

DRDA Project Director visited the village site to understand the project. He promised to provide full support for this project in Keonjhar district.

General Manager, NABARD Odisha- Dr K C Panigrahi visit to Suakti office