Our Approaches & Strategies

People at The Centre

We as an organisation believe that people know what they need and why they need it as the tribal are much aware of their resources available and its sustainable use. So, in every intervention we consider people as the growth centre and work from the people's end to technical end. We provide handholding support to the communities in each project intervention as per the need of the communities.

Our Role

We at SG Foundation have a well-trained specialised team for each area of intervention. We work as a catalyst to facilitate inclusive and equitable growth of the community with the help of the community mobilizer.

To ensure distributive and redistributive justice, we work in the remotest part of Keonjhar, Mayurbhanj, Nuapada, Dhenkanal district of Odisha. Our primary focus is to work with the tribal communities in Northern part of Odisha.

Our team is composed up management graduate, engineer, agriculture graduate, forestry specialist and extremely dedicated field staff who are motivated enough to work in the challenging terrains to facilitate the resource to vulnerable class to release their creative potentialities for the holistic development as a whole through integrated approach, which encompasses socio-economic, cultural and environmental development of the area of operation.


SG Foundation is a Non-government Organisation which has been working for the development of the tribal people and underprivileged sections of society living in remote pockets of Northern Region of Odisha.

SGF believes in overall development of the community by promoting livelihood, Natural Resource management, and access to clean cooking and income generating activities. Livelihood is the core objective of all developmental initiatives of SGF and it revolves round the promotion of sustainable livelihoods such that all the thematic area of intervention are converged in terms of their impact on promoting a sustained livelihoods.

The main objective of SG FOUNDATION Is:

  • To provide livelihood opportunity to landless farmers and unemployed youth, through various Micro finance and Micro-Enterprise Development programme by promoting self-help groups of the women, thrift and credit to address financial needs of the poor families and to gain support for running income generation programs.
  • To provide professional and technical support services for the research/capacity building/skill development work in relation to social and livelihood development
  • To provide platform to develop skills and capacity of women and empower them by promoting skill development trainings, income generation programme, group funds, thrift and credit for economic empowerment of women.
  • To enhance various livelihood/NRM based programme through composite farming system and farm related activities to conserve and regenerate the environment and natural resources and dissemination of suitable rural technologies in other area.
  • To establish and carry on the administration and management of the Saunta Gaunta Foundation (SGF)/community organization, the society may draw grants, margin money and soft loan assistance available under schemes from SIDBI, NABARD or other Banks/ Financing Agencies and Organizations dealing with Micro Finance Activities, Rural development Institutions and agencies related to rural development.

The income and property of the society may be utilized charitably for the promotion of the objectives set forth in this Memorandum, of Association subject to the advice given by the funding agency from time to time, if the Executive Body finds it necessary. No promotion of the income of property of the society shall be paid or transferred directly or indirectly by way of dividend or otherwise or as profit to the Members of the society or to any person claiming through them. However nothing herein contained shall prevent payment in good faith of remuneration or service charges in return to any service rendered to the society.

Achieving United Nations Sustainable development goals is our development objective.

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