Cycle Model WEEDER

The seemingly simple act of plucking the weed from the agricultural land is tougher than it sounds. Moved by the problems of farmers, especially women who regularly struggle with weed in the fields, SG Foundation came up with an innovative tool which is made by reusing the old & torn bicycle and is effective in removing the weed permanently.

In many cases, farmers hire women labour for plucking the weed and sometimes they are forced to use chemicals to burn the weed. This methodology is affecting the main crop in terms of production and immunity to insects. Spraying of chemicals is also affecting the health by causing cancer, asthma, kidney and urinal related problems.

The tool is constructed in taking account of women as they are mostly affected continue working causes the lower back pain in them. The Paddle area is replaced by the head weeder which has a split tip like a serpent's tongue, along with the handle which is put against the ground while the tip is digging. The other part has tire which helps in moving it so the weed removal becomes easy

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