Kumidini Enterprise: It works on the Law of Demand & Supply where SGF looks after the demand of the people & Kumidini provide Rural Renewable & clean energy services to one of the most under-served population(especially Women's) in the state of Odisha, Jharkhand & West Bengal.

It has been promoting the training and capacity building of rural community especially women who are promoting clean energy technology among their communities Goal

  • It aims to develop a network local Village Level Entrepreneurs (VLEs) with a specific focus on women entrepreneurs.
  • To make modern energy simple to tribal communities with community-based clean energy interventions.
  • Integration of energy and financing at the point of sale along with providing customized energy solutions.
Focus Area-
Decentralised Renewable Energy System-

Providing RE service to households ranging from Solar PV microgrids, Solar Home Lighting Systems (SHS), Solar Water Pumps, Solar Street Lights and an Innovative Solar Puncturewala communities in Odisha.

Clean Cookstoves linked with Sensor-enabled Climate Financing-

Sensor-Enabled Climate Financing (SCF) to reward woman households directly with payments for mitigating carbon emissions and time to time monitoring as well by using Improved Cook Stoves (ICS) in the tribal belts of Odisha, India.

Promoting Women Technician & Entrepreneur

It will improve the quality of life by making them Financially Independent. Proper technical training is provided to women so that they may handle the problem related to sensors themselves. Moreover, by selling the solar products they will create a network which will help them in expanding their business.

Financial Inclusion

It helps in creating the gender equality by empowering them and giving them greater control over their financial lives.


It mainly focuses on an unreached & un-electrified area.

It increases the working time of people in a way that women don't need to walks miles every day and this will help them in doing some other work.

Solar Pump

Provide assured irrigation to farmers and also increases the productivity.

Clean Cookstoves and Carbon credits

Disseminated more than 5500 clean cook stoves linking the households with banks and providing carbon credits for cook stove usage and mitigating Indoor Air Pollution

Solar Home Lighting Systems, Water pumps, and Street Lighting Systems

Installed more than 50 Solar pumping systems, 200 Solar Street lights and more than 6000 Solar Home lighting systems

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