Capacity Building:
HBNC Training:

Home Based New born Care (HBNC) programme is being implemented in the state of Odisha with an objective to reduce neo-natal mortality that will ultimately lead to the reduction of Infant Mortality Rate and Maternal Mortality Rate. ASHA workers are being trained in order to give them knowledge and skills that are required to provide homely care both to the new-born and post-partum mothers. After completion of training they make home visits to the households and provide home-based care both to the new born and post-partum mothers during post-natal period. SGF conducted training for all the ASHA workers of 2 blocks, Saharapada and Patna of Keonjhar district. Their field training was conducted in Four Rounds each of Five days duration. The training was completely residential in nature in order to facilitate effective transaction of training and learning module during the training period.

Details of HBNC Training Conducted During The Reporting Period
Total batch of training conducted 16
Total training batches of ASHA 14
Total training batches of ANM 2
Total blocks covered 13
No of ASHA trained 392
No of ANM trained 60
Total no of trainees 452
Training to Wild Honey Be Keeper:

Honeybees play an important role in the creation and conservation of biodiversity. However, the existence of honey bees is threatened by various factors. The use of pesticides on agricultural and horticultural crops has devastating effects on honeybees. Unscientific collection and destruction of hives is also a major cause of loss of bee and the diversity. Rock beehives are usually found on top of trees in the forest. They are the disease resistant trait of honey bee. But people found it difficult in collecting honey. SG Foundation has ventured into promotion of honey bee culture among the indigenous honey gatherers in three districts of the state in collaboration with TDCCO Land TRIFED, Govt. of India.

Skill development: (Placement Linked Training Program)

SG Foundation in partnership with Centum Learning, a training wing of MITALGROUPOF COMPANYhasactivelycontributedinskilldevelopmentandplacementlinkedtrainingprogramsupported under NSDC and OSFDC in the Keonjhar, Mayurbhanj and Bhadrak districts. More than 700students were trained in different skills so far.

Barefoot Technicians:

A barefoot technician is a person who is identified from the village community, and is provided with certain skills and training to make them capable in various technique (soil moisture conservation, renewable energy, clean cooking, agriculture , horticulture, fishery, small animal husbandry) with the help of which they can earn alternate livelihood and lead a better life. SG Foundation has taken the initiative to convert an unskilled labor to a skilled one and to appoint him/her as a service provider from every village it is operating. The organization identifies potential persons who can be provided with certain project specific trainings and can utilize their skills to provide services to the villagers and to other agencies and earn for their livelihood.

Micro Enterprise promotion for Women:

SG Foundation works on improving the lifestyle of the women by providing them skills and income by using their local resources. SGF provides necessary micro enterprises training to women like establishing mango processing unit, badi processing unit, indulge them in agarbatti and spices making, non-timber forest produces (NTFP) processing etc. in collaboration with various stakeholders like NABARD, Odisha Livelihood Mission, ORMAS, TRIFED and CSR of ESSEL Mining. SGF is striving to make women capable of earning an extra income and improve their living pattern.

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