Farmer Producer Organization(FPO):

The farmer in Keonjhar district is a beleaguered figure caught between an unfriendly and even hostile set of factors both in terms of creating and selling the produce. However, the need of the hour is a professionally managed competitive alternate marketing structure that provides multiple choices to farmers for sale of produce along with a comprehensive solution to meet the key needs of all the stakeholders. Such a system entails efficient management skills, each of which can be infused by inviting the participation of the private farms & export agencies in to the process. The PIA will has establish backward linkages in terms of Producers' Organisation and collection centres for channelizing the produce into the market and is planning forward linkages in terms of retail stores.

part of backward linkage, SGF plans to have Producers' Company for farmers. These associations will be structured as informal co-operatives or self-help groups. SGF has already facilitated and registered one Producer Company (Dusshery Producer Company) in the district. The company has 100 shareholders from Banspal block and associated in input supplying to the farmers as well as marketing of farm produces. There are two marketing outlet in Keonjhar and Suakati managed by the Producer Company. Membership of such a producer-association is mandatory for the grower to bring his produce to the market and a farmer has to grow a minimum of one tonne of produce on his farm. Quality concept will be introduced by the society and emphasis will be laid on cleaning, sorting and grading the produce before sending them to the market. It also has specially designed wholesale shop complex with more than 10 shops for wholesalers with modern facilities. Farmers get better realizations and savings on transport costs and also in terms of commission.

Expected Outcomes:
  • The farmer will get multiple choices for marketing of his produce. Apart from the local haats, he can sell his produce through the Producers' Co-operatives also.
  • The farmer will realize the right value for his produce which will enable him through the assurance of the right price for right quality and correct weigh.
  • There is a greater convenience for selling his produce and the cash settlement is also faster when compared to the traditional markets
  • The farmer can store his produce in the Cold chamber itself in case of a non-remunerative price till such time when he can realize a satisfactory price for his produce

To summarize, the following objectives will be met out by project:

  • Produce will be sorted before it is brought to the market
  • Maximum utilisation of produces and minimize loss
  • Produce will be segregated based on quality before sale
  • Standard weighing and packaging will be achieved if needed with branding
  • Accurate price information will be shared
  • Adequate storage infrastructure will be created

Moreover, under this project, the beneficiaries are provided with inside and outside marketing facility to sell their produces. Alike Mango, the exported Pomegranate products have larger demand inside & outside the state.

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