Five years ago, Sidhu Munda, a resident of Jagganathpur village in the Joda district of Keonjhar, encountered various challenges in the field of agriculture. The land’s low productivity was further exacerbated by his financial constraints that prevented him from accessing high-quality agricultural inputs. Moreover, Sidhu Munda faced difficulties due to a lack of knowledge and expertise in implementing effective farming techniques.

In 2019, Sidhu Munda has been fortunate to receive invaluable support from the WADI project, implemented by the SG Foundation in collaboration with NABARD. This project has played a pivotal role in transforming Sidhu Munda’s circumstances. Through the WADI project, he has received free hands-on assistance and essential agricultural inputs, including seeds, fertilizers, and pesticides. Moreover, Sidhu Munda has undergone training on sustainable farming practices, further enhancing his knowledge and skills in agriculture.


Economic condition before intervention

LandOne acre waste land
Irrigation facilityNo
Source of incomeAgriculture, Daily labour
Annual Income from AgricultureINR 40,000
Frequency of mealTwice
NutritionOnly carbohydrates
Standard of livingLack of sanitation,Low Purchasing power

Cropping Pattern

The farmer utilizes intercropping techniques within a one-acre area, combining the cultivation of Mango, Amla, trees with boundary forest plants. The choice of intercrops is determined by seasonal variations and the demand in the local market. Since the fiscal year 2021, the farmer has witnessed the advantages of intercropping by harvesting crops like Maize, Brinjal, Chilly, Dhania (Coriander), Tomato, and Bitter Gourd. He also cultivates sunflower in regular basis. 

Marketing Linkage

The produce from WADI are sold in local market and in Joda  main market.

Financial Analysis

The depicted graph clearly illustrates a steady increase in the farmer’s income from both the main crop and intercrop over time. It is evident that the total income from horticulture has more than triple in the past three years.

Impact Analysis

Now a days, he is getting an average monthly income of Rs. 11,000/- from WADI  along with regular income.

Asset createdNew Home Built  
Frequency of mealFour times
NutritionDiversify food on plate due to intercropping. Access to minerals , vitamins from vegetables
Standard of livingRise in purchasing power. Good toilet for his family. Provide quality healthcare to family with Improved nutrition level of food

The income impacted not only on his economy, but also in social upliftment.. He has happily said that, financial support from ‘NABARD’ and handholding support from ‘SG Foundation’ has brought significant change in his rural tribal life style

Future Plan

  • He is ready to take up more area next year

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