This case study highlights the transformative impact of SG Foundation on the life of Gananath Mahapatra, a transgender individual residing in Padmapur village, Champua block, Kendujhar district. Facing economic struggles, Gananath found hope and support through the assistance provided by SG Foundation.


Issues and challenges

Gananath, like many others in the transgender community, faced significant challenges in earning a sustainable income. Their small ladies corner business yielded meager monthly earnings of around 9000 rupees. Gananath dreamt of enhancing their livelihood opportunities and making a difference in their family’s life.

Support from SG Foundation

Recognizing the potential and aspirations of Gananath, SG Foundation, in collaboration with OTELP and ITDA, extended its helping hand. Understanding the importance of financial stability and access to resources, SG Foundation provided Gananath with a working capital of 5000 rupees and 35000 rupees for procurement of necessary materials.

Impact and Transformation

With the support and resources provided by SG Foundation, Gananath witnessed a remarkable transformation in their life. The infusion of funds allowed Gananath to expand their business horizons and reach a wider customer base. The goods produced by Gananath, including handcrafted items, clothes, and accessories, were now not only sold in the nearby villages but also in the main market of Champua.

As a result of their improved market presence and expanded customer base, Gananath’s monthly income rose significantly to 25000 rupees. This substantial increase in earning power enabled Gananath to address various socio-economic challenges faced by their family.

With the newfound financial stability, Gananath took on the responsibility of covering the medical expenses for their ailing parents. Moreover, Gananath became a pillar of support for their younger brother, ensuring his educational needs were met without compromise. Gananath’s success story not only empowered their own life but had a positive ripple effect on the entire family.

Gananath Mahapatra says

“I am immensely grateful to SG Foundation for the life-changing support they have provided to me and my business. With their guidance, I have been able to break barriers, create opportunities, and build a better future for myself and my family. Thank you, SG Foundation, for empowering me and the transgender community. Your support has made all the difference !”


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